Friday, July 29, 2011

Crowning Moments....

Its been a strange week this week....

I am still desperately trying to catch up on my lost sleep, and having no luck at all. I spoke to my wonderful S at around 8pm my time this evening, and said, I feel really tired. S said go to bed after this call then. It was too early then at 8pm, but I said that I would put my pj's on and snuggle down on the sofa until the boys went to bed at 9.30pm. Then I would go to bed and hopefully sleep straight through the night - it's gone midnight and I am still awake - I give up! My body is adamant that it prefers Pacific time so I am just going to have to go back to where it will be happy. I don't care if I can get the boys registered in school or not. I will home school them until the visa comes through - at least I will be able to sleep properly!

Obviously not me - but definitely my new colour
There has come one good thing out of this week though, and that is that I decided that the time had come for me to admit that the blonde had to go. It didn't matter that people said it made me look younger. I am fed up to the back teeth of having to recolour it every 4 weeks just to try and keep the dark roots at bay. I haven't gone back to my mousy brown though - oh no! Now I am a fabulously vibrant shade of auburn...well I'm saying its auburn - it's not orange enough to call ginger, and its not really red either, so I am saying its auburn....I am telling myself its fabulous and sexy....I will believe myself soon....The wonderful S says it looks good....The gorgeous G quotes Tim Minchin and says 'only a ginger can call another ginger, ginger'....handsome H said 'cool hair Mum' but he's creeping after the Xbox palaver....the beautiful A said 'I like it...'

Ahhhh well if the worst comes to the worst I can just dye it another shade next week, but for this week it is definitely a 'crowning' moment....

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  1. I am so glad you linked up at my hop. I definitely agree that it's definitely a Crowning Moment when all of the kids agree that your looks great. You know how honest they can be, so I'm sure you look fabulous.

    I love your comments on Joe's blog and really enjoy reading them. Thank you so much for joining me and putting in a little plug, too. You're great and always so optimistic. Thanks for making the world a little sunnier, (or should I say sunny with a touch of auburn thrown in?)


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