Thursday, September 08, 2011


Today the movers have delivered some packing boxes to me so I can get started on packing up stuff we want to take with us but won't need before the move.

Nothing major, just books and stuff like that, but it makes it all seem just that little bit more real somehow.

The train tickets are booked for next Fridays' excursion to London for the medicals, and actually got a fantastic deal on them which is a bit of a coo considering how expensive the medicals themselves are. I have booked us on an early train so that we can do a little sightseeing while we are there. The boys have never been to London before so it is all quite exciting for them.

My file of info is already and waiting for my interview at the embassy. I just hope that the recent build up of speed on processing everything is sustainable, and we don't suddenly drift back into the realms of the nothingness that was driving me to distraction a few short weeks ago.

The new temp job is going well. I am still twiddling my thumbs to a certain extent, but there is a lot to be said for thumb twiddling in the presence of wonderful people, and I cannot complain about any of my new found colleagues. My work days pass quickly, and it is great to be out of the house again and doing something semi-useful.

I was hoping to find inspiration for a proper post, but I am struggling in that department, so rather than witter in about inane drivel, I will simply thank you all for dropping by and go and watch some TV before going to bed and heading off to work in the morning....


  1. A bit of drivel and a bit of a ramble is fine every now and then Lou (I do it often;).

    It's nice to keep up with where you are at and I hope the momentum continues! xx

  2. Thanx Sarah - I seem to be really struggling to keep up with everything at the minute - I don't know if its being back at work thats thrown me out of sync or what, but there just don't seem to be enough hrs in the day


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