Monday, September 12, 2011

A Plane for a classroom????

Some of you will know that I have started a temp job that will hopefully see me through until my visa is granted and the boys and I move.

I am working at  Children's Centre in Stoke on Trent, and the centre is quite literally attached to a local primary school - Kingsland Primary School.

As I have been driving home, I have noticed what appeared to be a plane on the school grounds in an area not visible to me from where I work.

Today I asked one of my colleagues about the plane - her response to me was really interesting. She told me that I should speak to the Head Master to get the full details, but that the plane is actually another classroom for the children!

I thought she was kidding, but she swore that she wasn't making it up - it is an old plane that the school bought. The children designed the interior, and it is used as an extra classroom!

I was hoping to get a chance to speak with the Head about it this afternoon, but sadly he has avoided my little area of the centre and I haven't had the chance to grab him for more information. However not to be perturbed, I have come home and googled "A plane for a classroom" and there it is bold as brass and article that appeared in the Mail on line back in 2009 with photos of the plane and the school etc.

I am gobsmacked - what a fantastic idea..I am going to definitely seek the Head out tomorrow and get some more info and ask him if I can take some photos to post here on my blog, but for now you can read the article and look at the photo's by clicking the link below.



  1. What a fantastic idea Lou. I'm amazed more schools haven jumped on board with this idea (please excuse the VERY bad pun;)

    Seriously though, children are so visual, how great that the children cam up with the idea and they had a Head who was far thinking enough to actually follow through with it.

  2. Oh how neat! I hope you get photos. I want to see!!


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