Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Visa Interview....

Today has been one of the best days ever....

Mid morning I got a call from my daughter to tell me that the letter had arrived from the US Embassy and my interview date for my visa is the 20th October....OMG....it's finally here, all the months of waiting and slowly pulling my hair out are about to come to an end....I think I may well still be in shock!

So I have been on line and booked my train tickets, and have got myself a real bargain I believe - £62 return from Crewe to Euston...My original plan was that if the interview was at 9 in the morning, I would go down the night before and stay in a hotel, but to be honest I was very enamoured with that, and it would end up being quite expensive when you add up the cost of the train tickets and the hotel room.

So, I have plumped for a real early start and am going to get the train at 5.30 something which will get me into Euston at 7.30 something, and give me enough time to get myself some breakfast (if I am not too nervous to eat that is) and find my way on the tube to the Embassy. Actually the tube is really easy, and I have got enough left on my Oyster card to cover me for the tube, so not additional costs there.

Apparently, I need to be there 30mins before my appointment time, and to be prepared because I will have to queue up outside. I am not allowed to take an electronic equipment into the embassy - not even my mobile phone (that is going to be a toughie - might have to call them and check that one out), and I cannot take a big handbag in with me either, so no stashing a mini-picnic in my handbag on this occasion!

This is it guys - it's really going to happen - at last!
I'm so excited I keep wanting to burst into tears of happiness - what a sop I am

Fingers crossed everything goes well, because if they say no I just don't quite know what I will do.



  1. Who could say no to Lou? Best of luck!

    I know it says Philadelphia, but I am really in Orlando. Go figure the internet!

    Once again good Luck!!

    Cranky Old Man

  2. I'm getting back to you at long last, I've had a busy weekend and I've read through the last few posts, wow!!! You're really going, it's all happening and before you know it you'll be there.
    How exciting, I wish you all the very best of luck

  3. Oh hooray! :) :) :) Best of luck! It's going to be fabulous!! :) :)

  4. You'll be fine Lou, I have great faith in you :) xx

  5. Good Luck! Hope you are able to live your dreams :)


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