Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Goodies in the Post....

This morning the our postie has brought me a goody bag....
You may know or not know that my lovely friend Maggie B over at Finding Myself decided to have a little give away. Maggie has been learning to knit, and to be quite honest, I think she is a bit of a natural. To be even more honest, I suspect that she could probably make herself a little income from selling some of the things she knits!

Anyway, Maggie decided to have a give away of one of her knitted headbands which are so cool and ideal for me as someone who's head gets way too hot wearing a full hat in the cold. In order to enter, you had to say what it was that you liked most about the winter. This was easy for me, because winter has always been the time of year when my family gets together for Christmas. In the UK the weather is always freezing in winter, and on Christmas Day we all wrap up warm and head of out for a mammoth family walk. Hopefully we find a pub at a halfway point and we can all have a drink and warm by a cosy pub fire before continuing on our walk. They are magical times - everyone gets on and there is this kind of winter peace that somehow gets to us all.

I am digressing though, which is not good because I want to get to my point - which is....
Having won Maggie's wonderful give away - our postie delivered a parcel this morning that could only have been from one person - Maggie!

I took some photos so I could share with you :-)
A lovely envelope, just for me....

Inside another envelope & my gift

A lovely note from Maggie

Oooooo - my gift! So cool....

Dreadful self portrait - but fits perfectly :-)

 Maggie I cannot thank you enough - you have made my day, my week and my year - Thank you :-)

Wordless Wednesday....

Silverwood Lake, CA

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Laughing at the Dentist....

Hastings Ranch Dental
The end of this week saw my first trip to a US dentist, and a near heart attack at the costs involved....
Everyone knows that in the US you have to have medical insurance for everything....for my English friends we have insurance for general medical stuff, dentistry and orthodontics and vision care....
In the US you don't have to pay N.I on your earnings as there is no NHS, so all insurance companies charge you monthly fee for your coverage of each of these things... There are lots of insurance companies offering various levels of cover and it can be quite a minefield....
Many employers offer schemes to their employees which means the company pays the Lions share of the month fees and the employee pays whats left....All policies have a limit on the amount of money you can claim each year for medical services, and most of the policies ask you to make a co-payment when you visit a doctor, dentist or optician - ours is $15 for the doctor and $25 each for the dentist and optician..So far with the doctor we have only had to make a co-payment once which is good because lots of people have to make them every time you make a visit...Then of course there is an additional co-pay to be made on prescriptions which I have mentioned before on a post about my migraine medication (here) so i won't go into that again...

Seeing your teeth like this is so cool
Anyway, because my wonderful S works for the Hospital Association, we are extremely fortunate in comprehensiveness of our insurance cover, and also lucky that his employer pays a massive chunk of the monthly payment on this insurance on our behalf, and it means that with Dentistry we have an annual maximum claim of $2,000. I thought this was a lot of coverage until I went to see the dentist on Thursday and was told that the cost of the work that needed to be done on Thursday alone came with a price tag of just under $5,000. Obviously the insurance will cover the first $2,000 but the rest is out of pocket expenses and we have to pay for it....This is only first stage of work that I need to have done and covers the periodontal laser treatment I needed and 2 crowns. The 2nd phase is to replace the bridge that I only had fitted last July by my dentist in the UK. Whilst I think my old dentist was a lovely guy, it would seem that he did not fit my bridge properly over the root canal and it was actually hanging with a gap between it and the tooth root, so all kinds of crap has been getting in and the root is now rotten underneath. The bridge is also broken which is a weird one because it is lined with metal, so the new dentist suspects that it was broken before it was fitted. Anyway upshot is, I have to have the bridge removed, the tooth root underneath now needs extracting and then I will need a new bridge - I dread to think how much that will cost...Then phase 3 is to extract my remaining wisdom tooth as it has 2 fillings already and is rotting around them. She says it is too awkward to try and crown so best to just pull it, and she also wants to do partial crowns on my other filled teeth to stop the rot in them....Its all pretty disgusting to be honest and hellish expensive.

This what my new crowns look like
When I went to the dentist on Thursday, S was away on business and so I wasn't able to discuss the costs with him, and to be quite honest I was worried about telling him what the costs were going to be - it's a lot of money...I expected him to come out with something smart like "just get them all removed it will be cheaper", but in fact he said "oh well, it's your teeth we have to get them done" and then he followed it up by telling me that the last dentist he had seen said he needed at least $14k of work doing on his - so suddenly I was feeling so much better than I had been.

This morning, my wonderful S has gone for his first visit to this new dentist. They say the initial appointment lasts and hour to an hour and a half because of x-rays and all that stuff, but just before I started to write this post, he called me to say that he could be a while - whilst he doesn't need any periodontal work doing, the dentist wants to do 4 crowns - today!.......Seems my lovely husband is going to hammer all of his annual dental allowance in one go too. I am laughing because he found it funny that I was with the dentist for 3 hours on Thursday. He said that he has far too much to do this weekend and he will have the x-rays and exam, but will make new appointments to get the work done. Now he rings me to say he is having work done today and that he will probably still be there when I go down to get my crowns finished off this afternoon - so much for far too much also told me that with his work now and the work I am having finished at 1.30 this afternoon our bank account will be $7k lighter than it was when we woke up this morning....

Both the boys have their appointments in a weeks time - I dread to think what the initial outlay is going to total after their visit as well....and by the end of this year, when all the work is finished, I am just hoping that the smiles we will be wearing will be worth the financial costs, and I am just going to have to keep laughing about it because otherwise I think I may just cry!

I don't think I will be getting my Camaro this year after all....
But when it comes down to it, I think I would prefer to have teeth than a flash car!

Have a wonderful day - Hope I haven't made you squirm too much with all this talk about teeth, and I hope you are all enjoying my new look blog

Friday, February 24, 2012

Name Change....

OK guys... I have decided that I actually can't be doing with the name on my blog..waiting to emigrate was fine cos that was what we were doing, but I chose Our home in the sun on the spur of the moment and to be honest I have never been truly happy with it.

Today reading a post by 'Bargain Mummy Buys', who is not only going to change her name but also buy a domain in her new name, I thought stuff it - I am going to risk losing my massive 24 followers and change my name to something that is more me, my geographical position and my outlook on today is my last posting as

Our Home in the Sun

and from tomorrow onwards, I shall be known as


I think it is a much better name.

Please, let me know your thoughts....and have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Gallery...Every day I see this....

My friends will be be saying "oh no, not another photograph of mountains", but I thought that this would be a truly apt photograph for me to post for 'The Gallery' this morning, when I saw that this weeks theme was 'Landscapes'.

Having recently moved to Southern California from the truly beautiful Green and Pleasant Land of the Cheshire Plain in the UK, I expected to be looking at a concrete jungle every day full of sky scrapers and beautiful people...Well there are certainly plenty of beautiful people around, but the concrete jungle - you decide for yourself because these are the views I now get to see every day.

View of Mount Wilson from my town
View across to downtown LA from Griffith Observatory

Wonderful house on the private beach near Malibu

And just for kicks and giggles - this is a walk movie I made in and around the village I left behind in the UK


Now you have had a look at my landscape, and hopefully a little giggle at my crazy walk movie, head on over to The Gallery @ Sticky Fingers to check out some other great landscapes.

Have a wonderful day

Monday, February 20, 2012

5 Things that make me Happy!....

After the craziness of last weeks 5 favourite Mugs listography, I decided I would again join in with Kate and all of the wonderfully crazy people, and do this weeks listography - "5 Things that make me Happy".

I actually think that it is quite hard to sit and think about what really makes you happy - yes there are things that we like each day to make us smile and give us a buzz - but what is it that truly makes us happy. I've tried to think hard on this one and here are my 5 :

Having one of those wonderful cuddles from my children, that happen for no other reason than they love me and I love them.

Seeing the smile on my husbands face when he comes home from work, walks in through the front door and comes to give me a hug.

Talking to my daughter on skype. I miss her so so much, it's impossible to put into words.

The clean fresh, new smell that always follows a thunderstorm.

Having someone know me so well that I actually don't need to tell them how I am feeling.

On a side note - here's something to make you smile on a Monday morning:
Handsome H, my youngest was told off for hitting his brother on the head this morning-  because I told him off he decided not to speak to me. I cooked pancakes for breakfast, he ate them in silence, he cleared his plate in silence, he ignored me when I spoke to him - Although I found this annoying, I decided to just ignore him and play it out - for reasons which will become apparent in a moment.

Having eaten breakfast H went off into his bedroom to no doubt sulk at his telling off. I ignored him finished clearing the kitchen and came into my bedroom where my computer lives. All was quiet for about 20 minutes then H comes tearing into the room going "Mum, mum, shoes on, get keys come on said you would buy me Skyrim today"

I just looked at him, and said nothing...he pulled on my sleeve " promised!"
I looked at him and said nothing.
"Awwwwwwww" he said and ran back out of the room.
His brother G was in the room too, he started to laugh, I looked at him and said "well he wasn't talking to me 20 mins ago"

H and I had made an agreement a couple of weeks ago. If H faithfully went out and practised his drums for 20 minutes every day, I would buy him the Skyrim game that he wanted so much - yesterday was the last day of the deal - today is the day I am meant to be buying him the game - funny how things turn out when you ignore your Mum!

I do so love it, when I can make my point and get my own back without saying a word!

Happy Presidents Day!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

LA Zoo....

This morning we headed off bright and early for the Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens...Back in the UK I used to love going to Chester Zoo, or Knowsley Safari Park. Obviously I preferred the safari park as they are much more animal friendly - but there is no Safari Park in LA, just the LA Zoo so off we went. To be honest all I am really bothered about seeing is Elephants....I love Elephants...When I turned 40 one of my presents was to go and be a keeper for a day at Knowsley Safari Park, and before going they asked me which animal was my favourite, so of course I said Elephants...When I arrived at the Safari Park bright and early 2 days after my birthday, they took me over to the Elephant House where the first job of the day was to clean out their house. They had 5 elephants at Knowsley, 4 cows and a great big bull. You can imagine how much poop they create in one night when you know they eat 300lbs of food a day! It was pretty whiffy in there I can tell you, but they are vegetarians, so thankfully their poop had that almost lovely silage smell to it - still with me and the 2 other regular keepers it took us 2 hrs to clean it all up and hose it down ready for the next night. After cleaning the house, I was lucky enough to be taken up to their pasture to give them breakfast - this was magical as I was able to get right up and personal with the elephants as we hand fed them fruit and buns for breakfast. It really was a dream come true to be literally a foot away from these gentle giants. After the elephants were fed and watered I was taken by various other keepers to help out and to see all the other animals in the Safari Park, the Rhino keeper introduced me to one of the Rhino's and I had the pleasure of scratching his side for him - the rhino's that is not the
Weird Hairdo - must take him hours!

Anyway I digress - today we went to the LA Zoo. I was really looking forward to it. It has been a sunny day, so everything was perfect. We arrived 10 minutes before the zoo opened and S went off to queue for the tickets while the boys and I waited for the gates to open. You can see some strange things when waiting in a queue - like these strange characters (oops one of those is my husband, hope you can tell which?)

Yes you guess it - this is the one I married!

The cost to get in was pretty reasonable, it is $16 per adult, $11 per child up to 12, and $13 for OAP's - so for us it was $54 which is a darn sight cheaper than any zoo I have ever been to in the UK.

Because we got there early we were able to avoid the huge crowds, and were able to walk round in relative peace which was lovely. S doesn't do very well in large crowds, so we tend to do stuff earlier rather than later, and I have to say that it is a good thing really, although just occasionally it would be wonderful to laze in bed and read the papers instead of being up and on the go!

The layout of the zoo is really quite lovely. There is no set pattern to the pathways and it sort of meanders around up and down the hillside, and it is all very green and leafy. They also have quite a lot of different species of animals and they are obviously working on some new exhibits, although I am not to sure what they are. The animal cages are in my opinion way way way too small (yes I know it was a lot of way's) and some exhibits have only one animal in them - this can't be good! Monkeys with almost no room to swing and this picture that S took says it all really - it is the hand and arm of a young Orangutan who was desperately trying to reach the lush bamboo leaves that were outside of his cage instead of inside where they belonged - S took the picture but then we had to walk away, it was too sad!

When I visited Chester Zoo in the past, I thought their cages were small for wild animals, but the cages at Chester Zoo were probably at least 5 times bigger than here at LA Zoo. Never have I seen animals that should not be solitary, being solitary.

I didn't take hundreds of photos of my beloved Elephants, or stand and just watch them for endless amounts of time like I have done in the past. The Elephant enclosure is set below the level of the public - Elephants cannot climb and they cannot jump, so please explain to me what the need it for all of this?

Elephants are gentle giants, yet here they are surrounded by miles upon miles of electric fencing. Do they really think the 2 cows and one bull that they have are going to stampede? I don't know, I'm sure they  must have a reason for all of this, but I just don't get it.

Anyway, we spent a couple of hours walking around taking our time and making sure that the boys got to see everything that they wanted to see, but in all honesty, I don't think I will be rushing back there, unless it is in the dead of night to set all the animals free....

I have no doubts that the keepers do a fantastic job of looking after all their animals, and I guess that this is what big city zoo's are like. I even know and accept that animals need to be homed in zoo's to prevent their extinction - I guess that I have just been spoilt by good old Chester Zoo, and the Safari Parks at Knowsley and Longleat.....

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have always had a soft spot for animals, and perhaps that is what makes me more susceptible to noticing small cages and unhappy looking animals. All I can say is that as beautiful as the animals are, and as wonderful as it is to be able to see them - I am going to wait until we go to Africa or India and can see these animals in their natural habitat rather than visit the LA Zoo again, because I never want to see a solitary Rhino looking this alone and sad ever again. Did you know that Rhino's are fantastic family animals, the Mum's all help to look after the young together - this guy had no-one, that's not on....

Enjoy the rest of your weekend- and don't forget to check out clipix - to bookmark your next family outing!

Friday, February 17, 2012's so cool....

About a week ago I got wind of a really cool little browser gadget called Clipix, and being a gadget gal it was one of those things that I just had to try out....

It's really simple to use, you just go to, register for your account and drag the little clip button onto your bookmarks bar at the top of the browser. Nothing could be simpler, but what this little button does is really quite clever in my opinion.

When you visit a website, and find something that you want to remember or share with someone else, you simply click the little 'clip' button and a teeny window opens up on the top right-hand side of your browser. You simply choose which of your clipboards you want to add the 'clip' to and hit 'clip', that's it, it is saved...

The clipping possibilities are seemingly endless. So far I have saved a couple of websites , regarding possible holiday ideas, as well as some stuff that I would l just love to have. I have clipped some birthday present ideas for my family and a book that has been recommended to me.

The really cool thing about clipix is that you can share your clips. Having recently moved to the US from the UK it is really important for me to stay in touch with my family and friends and to share stuff with them. Clipix is proving itself really good for that. I skype with my daughter a couple of times a week and we were forever posting links in the chat bar of things we would like, for each other to see. Now that I have emiled her the link to share my clipix, we don't need to do that any more. I see something, I clip it and she can see it - gone are the days of remembering wher it was I saw something and then copying and pasting a link to other people so they could see it too - now I can just share my clipix with them and they can see everything I want them to see - it's so cool!

You can also combine clipboards so that if you had stuff clipped that relates to something else even though it is different, you can group them together, and you can create as many clipboards as you want.

I am sure that it is probably capable of doing far more than I have discovered, but it is actually loads of fun to play with and learn about - quite seriously you should give it a try. Here don't take my word for it go here 'clipix' and see what you think, but please remember  to come back and leave me a comment so I know if you think it is as good as I do and what kinds of things you have found it useful to 'clip'.

Here are a couple of items I have 'clipped' in the last few days.


Now I just need hubby to take the hint and buy me the wonderful little black dress, so I can be wearing it when he then gives me the Jack Vettriano print (that I have loved forever) and takes a photograph of me with the new camera he has bought for me, so we can capture the moment forever......Hmmmm, I may be dreaming that dream for a while - but the point is all of these desires I have are all safe in one place - my Clipix, and when I want to get to them all I have to do is open clipix and click on the picture and I will be instantly taken to the website where I saw it.

If you are and iphone user (sadly I am not) you can even get the Clipix app for your mobile phone - so no matter where you are, you can 'clip' away to your hearts content and never miss out on a thing. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they get an app for android sorted out real soon as well.

Just in case you need any more convincing that that Clipix is worth a go you can watch the video link below.

Happy Clipix -ing



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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nasty Neighbours....

Well it is now official - we have upset our nasty neighbours....
We are labelled as unreasonable, and not making an attempt to fit in with the neighbourhood....
Why? do I hear you ask?
Well to put it in simple terms....

We let handsome H, play his drums for 20 minutes everyday, whilst shut away in the garage!
Apparently the noise is just too much for her to bear.
She came around and knocked the door and asked S if our landlady was going t soundproof the garage because of the noise from the drumming. S told her that no the landlady was not going to soundproof the garage.
She then went on to say that the noise was just way to much to bear, so could we pay for soundproofing or just stop H from playing. S told her that no we wouldn't pay for soundproofing and there was no way we were going to stop H from playing. She said we were unreasonable, so S kept his cool and said that he felt we were being pretty considerable. He explained that H is only allowed to practice after 10am and before 4.30pm, and he is only allowed 20 mins per day. The neighbour heard what she wanted to hear and started ranting about 6hrs practice a day!!! She completely missed that he had a 6hr window in which he could practice for 20 mins! Despite S's efforts to explain our situation, the neighbour was off and running and wouldn't listen to any reason whatsoever. I kept out of the way and left S to deal with it, and I have no clue how he stayed so calm with this crazy woman ranting on the doorstep. In the end she huffed herself up and stomped off back to her house muttering about what terrible neighbours we were!

S phoned our landlady (who has told us some weirdly wonderful tales about this crazy neighbour), just to let her know that she would probably be getting an irate phone call from the mad woman. She said not to worry she would deal with it if and when it came and for us not to worry because the neighbour was crazy.

The house we live in has been rented out for many years, and it was the house our landlady grew up in, so over the years she has seen and heard a lot from our nasty neighbour. Here are some of the things we have heard about her either from her or from our landlady:

  • She told S that we should send our boys to private school like they did their daughters, because there is less of the colour in private schools!
  • She said he husband worked at JPL making camera's for the space shuttle - he is in fact an attorney and works in the town.
  • She went around the neighbourhood with a petition trying to get signatures to get a gay tenant in this house thrown out.
  • She went around the neighbourhood with a petition trying to get signatures to get a black tenant in this house thrown out.
  • She openly admits to going to Starbucks every morning to drink coffee and read the papers until she knows her husband has gone out to work. Then she comes home to the peace of an empty house.
  • She told me that "we could do so much better" when I told her that we had registered with the family doctors practice in the town. The main doctor is Argentinian and one of the other doctors is Mexican (draw your own conclusion)
Over the drum playing, I contacted the police department to find out where we stood legally. I was told that if our neighbour made a complaint they would investigate the noise levels, but they didn't really see how 20 mins a day could be seen as unreasonable.

Later on in the evening, we got a phone call back from our landlady to say that she had indeed had a call and that she had seen red, lost her temper and really let the neighbour have it with both barrels, bringing up all kinds of stuff from the past and saying how on earth could a 12 year old drumming be a problem. The neighbour told her that she was at home all the day and the sound of H playing just vibrated through the entire house all day long, to which my landlady was quick in with, "well I don't see how that is happening when the kids is in school all day' and only goes out to practice when he gets home!"

The up shot of it all is that the neighbour, after getting it in the neck from my landlady, has agreed that 30 mins a day is not unreasonable, and that by not letting him practice before 10am or after 4.30pm we are in fact being very reasonable because we only let him practice when most people are out at work!

Hopefully that will be an end to it all, but I strongly suspect that we will see her wandering the neighbourhood with her little clipboard trying to get signatures on a petition to get us removed - crazy cow!

On a more appealing note - why not head over to Maggie @ Finding Myself. She is having her first ever give-away, and it is really cool. I won't say any more because I don't want to ruin it for you

Have a wonderful day, and try not to encounter any neighbours from hell.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Listography....My Mugs!

I don't think I have ever done one of Kate's (Kate Takes 5) listography's before, but this one caught my eye for some reason and I thought - what the hell lets join the party and show off a few of our mugs....better than showing off your jugs I guess, but then that would be very rude and not something you would ever catch me doing in a million years....well, not on here anyway!

So on with the mugs - here are a selection of ours....

This is my mug - it belongs to me, do not touch it unless you wish to die! It's a stoneware mug  and it did belong to S, but I stole it because both my tea and coffee taste good in it!

This is also my mug - bought from Euro-Disney in 2006 because I wanted a big mug, I was a big mug buying it because it is far too big!

Surprise, surprise, this is also my mug. This mug was bought for me by my daughter for  my 1st Mother's Day. As she is now 21 this mug is pretty old, but I love it!

This is one of S's mugs - this is also what he does! Yes they do pay people to solve problems! Crazy I know but there you have it!

Strangely enough, this mug was bought from a USAFbase in Germany where S had a contract  a couple of years back - Yes the Air force employed him to solve problems for them...don't ask!

Now that I have given all of you a cheap mug thrill, I shall leave you with an even more exciting picture of my fridge. I have no clue why I took a photo of my fridge I just did - enjoy!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Crazy Valentine....

I had planned like everyone else to write this on Tuesday, but this morning I felt compelled to start it early, because after all S isn't just my Valentine on one day a year, he is there making my life just that bit better every day of the year.

This morning I have woken up feeling pretty dreadful. It's that TOM and I seem to get hit every time with one day where I literally cannot move for fear that the world is going to drop out of me. I get really bad back ache and really bad tummy cramps, and it is horrible - but it is only 1 day, and then nothingness for a few more. My doc tells me that the one day is a symptom of my Hashimoto's and that as my meds become more regulated it should ease off. Anyway for now, I am still stuck with it and woke this morning with the age old "I've feel like a stuck pig" thing going on and aching everywhere. I got up to come through and stick the coffee pot on, and then padded back to bed only to find S had moved over to my side and appeared to be fast asleep. As I got to the bed he opened his eyes and moved back onto his side. "I kept it warm for you - figured you weren't feeling too good this morning!". So I climbed back into bed and snuggled down, and we cuddled for a few minutes before S suddenly decided to get himself up. He took his pillows (we have a lot of pillows) and wedged them around me in the bed then went and fetched the electric heat pad he uses for his back, plugged it in and passed it to me. "It might help with the ache" he said "I'll go and get the coffee, and I'll make you some eggs for breakfast" and off he went leaving me cocooned in bed. A few minutes later he returned with coffee and lay on the bed with me just chatting about nothing. We should have been going to the zoo today, but we agreed it would better to go next weekend when I can relax and enjoy it properly. After we had chatted for a while he disappeared again and I relaxed in bed for a while before getting up and wandering through to the living room to see where he had got to. I sat down with my coffee and could hear S busying himself in the kitchen and within minutes he appeared with my eggs "just eat what you can he said" and back to the kitchen he went to clear up.

So this is one of the many reasons why I love my husband the way I do. How did he know I was feeling so crappy without me needing to say anything? - He does that a lot. He isn't one for grand gestures or making a huge fuss or anything like that. He just knows stuff, and he just does stuff and I love him for it.

He tells me quite regularly that he has no clue what I see in him, and he says that when he wakes in the morning and sees me there with him he feels extremely lucky to have me. I think I am the lucky one, actually no correct that - I think we are lucky to have each other and we are lucky that we compliment each other in so many ways. OK, so weren't not perfect - my god is anyone? and we do have things about us that annoy the other. I think the trick is to accept that we are not perfect, and not to dwell on the annoying things but rather embrace and enjoy the things we love so much. That's what I try to do - life is far too short to spend time thinking about stuff that winds us up - I want to be enjoying the time I spend with my husband and family - you quite literally never know how long you have together, so make the most of it.

One thing that I find truly wonderful about S is that he wants me to go and do stuff. Having spent 15yrs living with a man who prevented me from doing anything, because he was paranoid that I would see that life was better without him, this is really important. My stupid ex didn't realise that it was his actions that made me realise that life would be better without him, not anyone or anything else...Anyway that was in a different life, and S is so wonderfully the opposite! I remember my Mum telling me that it was better to give your partner a long rope and let them hang themselves than to try and keep them on a short one and have them desperate to break away! I used to think it was a funny thing to say, but experience has taught me that nothing is more true - and that is exactly what S and I do with each other. We go off and do our own thing, but we always come back together. Neither of us feels that we have to do things together, we want to. S tells me he used to love travelling, but now he still likes the feeling of getting on a plane and going off to do his work, but he relishes the feeling of getting back on a plane and knowing that he is coming home. He says he has never felt that way before, and he says that to him knowing that he is coming home to me and the boys is a magical feeling. How can you fault that?

There are hundreds of things that I could tell you about my husband, but many of things he does are the tiny things that say I love you without even trying to, like the gentle touch as he walks past that you can only just feel, the way he has of knowing exactly how I am feeling by the way I say hello down the phone. The way he makes sure that there is a fresh towel hanging by the shower for me every morning after he has his shower. The way he buys me something but uses the pretence that it is for all of us so he can get me to accept it because he knows I would rather buy for him or the kids than for myself.....

I could go on and on, and would probably be able to even make a few of you feel sick with how sweet my S is - but it is also a fact that he is only these things to me - and he is only these things to me because I love him the same way that he loves me - but I guess that is the crux of what love is all about.....

Happy Valentines Day to you all

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tell me about yourself Award....

The lovely Joe at Cranky Old Man, has seen fit to present me with an award - and here it is:

As you can see it is the extremely prestigious 'Tell me about yourself' award, and in order to accept this award I must apparently tell you 7 things about myself and then pass the award onto another 15 deserving blogs (sorry folks!)

OK so here we go - 7 things about me, that I didn't already tell you when I did the blogging buddy questionnaire for Maggie at Finding Myself a couple of weeks ago.

  1. I am a mad and crazy English woman - don't ever call me British because I am not Scottish, Welsh or Irish as well, I am English, I am from England which is part of Great Britain!
  2. I have 3 children - 21, 13 and 12.
  3. I am the eldest of 3 sisters. I am 44 and they are 42 and 37.
  4. I like scary movies
  5. I will be violently sick if you feed me pork or beef sausage - that's breakfast sausage to anyone who doesn't know what I mean when I say Walls!
  6. My favourite car is a Ferrari Barchetta, although I doubt I will eve be able to afford one.
  7. When not waiting endlessly for my Green card, I work with small children - the 0 to 3 year old
OK, thats the semi-painful bit over and done with, now to find 15 unsuspecting victims.

Have a great day

Griffith Park Observatory.....A bit of a let down....

Well if I am being completely honest I would have to say that Sundays trip to the Griffith Park Observatory in LA was a bit of a disappointment....

Griffith Park is lovely and the Observatory looks pretty impressive from the outside...
It even looks pretty impressive on the inside - with lots of interactive displays for children and adults - lots of interactive displays that don't work, that is....and that is where the disappointment came in.
We were looking into telescopes but seeing nothing - there was a sign next to each of these that said you would not be able to see the sun if it was a cloudy day - well yesterday was a beautifully sunny, clear and hot day, but we still could not see the sun through any piece of equipment there.

The view from the observatory out across LA and over towards the ocean at Santa Monica was absolutely stunning, and of course Griffith Park is the place to be to see the famous 'Hollywood' sign. IN fact these days it would seem it is about the closest place you can get to if you want to see the sign, which was again very disappointing, especially for the boys who I had naively told "oh we can get right up to it - you'll be able to touch it". Sadly the days of being able to touch the Hollywood sign are long over. Vandalism and lack of respect for what it is by the few have seen to that for the rest of us. A foundation has been set up to preserve the sign, and they have put up perimeter fencing with a razor wire top, their are cameras and night vision cameras and infra-red cameras and security patrols and probably even a pack of wild dogs patrolling, to ensure that Joe public stays well away from this piece of history...We were very disappointed to discover that we weren't going to be able to touch the sign after all, but I guess in the scheme of things it is better to preserve it than lose it, after all it is pretty iconic!

Anyway, you can find links to websites for both the observatory and the sign below.
This weekend, weather permitting, we are going to see what the LA zoo & Botanical Gardens are like. To be honest I don't care how good or bad it is as long as there are elephants!

The Griffith Observatory -
TheHollywood Sign -

Have a great day!

Monday, February 06, 2012

The Liebster-Blog Award....

Oh me oh my....
The lovely and quite wonderful Maggie over at Finding Myself has given me an award, and here it is....

I feel very honoured to be in receipt of such a wonderful thing, and my heart-felt thanks go out to Maggie for thinking of me in her nominations.... You may remember that Maggie passed onto me the Blog Buddy Questionnaire a couple of weeks ago, which although rather daunting at first, was great fun to do once I got into the swing of it....

OK so here we are with the Liebster Blog Award. Liebster is apparently from the German meaning favourite or dearest (and I did google translate it just to be sure - sad I know), and I think that is quite apt seing as it was given to me by one of my favourite blogs, and I am about to pass it on to a few more of my favourite blogs!

As with all awards, there are some rules and these are as follows:

*Thank your award presenter on your blog 
*Link back to the blogger who presented you with the award
*Copy and paste the award to your blog 
*Present the Liebster Award to 5 blogs that have fewer then 200 followers that you think deserve to be recognized
*Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog

OK, I have fulfilled the first rules, now I just need to present the award to some of my favourite and deserving blogs - so here we go:

  • Joe over at Cranky Old Man - It's obviously your week Cranky - shouldn't be so entertaining, although you only just made it in with your 170 followers (jammy bu**er)
  • Kitty at If you die in SL - OK a bit of nepatism here because this is my daughter, but it is my prerogative as a Mum to bias.
  • Sarah at People Don't eat Enough Fudge because she is wonderful and I love her to bits.
  • Jesus & Laughing Gas - because I smile everytime I read your blog - I just wish I wasn't such a muppet and knew what your name
You will notice that I have only made 4 awards instead of the 5 I should have - thats because far to many of you have far too many followers - and yes I am insanely jealous, although I am very grateful for my very select band of groupies!

Now I just have to let you all know - have a fab day
and once again just for good measure - thank you Maggie