Saturday, January 12, 2013

All moved in....

I can't quite believe how long it has been since I wrote any blog posts. I am so far behind with reading everyone else's posts as well, I'm not sure I will ever catch up.

Well I am now finally living in NW Arkansas. The boys have just completed their first week at their new schools and we finally seem to be settling in.

Christmas seemed quite traumatic and I am so glad that it is now rapidly disappearing into the past. We arrived at the house on the 19th December. S had spent 4 days doing nothing but clean before he flew back to help pack up in Sierra Madre and make the cross country drive with me and the boys, but even so the house was still filthy beyond belief, and I spent the next 4 days cleaning and getting more and more depressed. How did we not see how dirty this place was when we came to view?

Then we had the trials of the cooker. The previous owner left the cooker, fridge and dishwasher as part of the sale. The fridge is great, the dishwasher is OK (it cleans the dishes), but the cooker (stove) was a nightmare. The cooker is a slot-in range cooker in the huge kitchen island, and the previous owner had installed a Jen-Air cooker because they have this weird under floor extractor fan thing going on that is meant to take away the need for an overhead extractor. Well the whole under floor extraction thing works about as well as a chocolate fireguard, and the cooker itself was even worse.The main oven took an hour to cook a tray of frozen fries, and while the stove top worked well, the extractor panel that ran down the middle was caked with so much grease, fat and general cooking crap that I actually cried at the grossness of it. This meant that we had to find a new cooker and fast or there would be no Christmas dinner and Louise would have a total meltdown. Thankfully, we not only found a great new cooker, we got an amazing deal on it and got it fitted in time for my brother in law arriving on the 23rd. Christmas was saved - thank you, thank you, thank you, to my wonderful hubby for dealing so well with my distress and thank you Frigidaire for my amazing new cooker!

Because of bad weather in Arizona & New Mexico - some of which we drove through ourselves, delivery of our belongings was delayed by 2 days and we had nothing but what we brought with us until the 22nd, and then there was this mad flurry of chaos as boxes were unloaded and distributed through the house and we all got to work trying to get some semblance of order before my brother in law and Christmas arrived.

I think that the stress of moving at this time of year is not something I would recommend to anyone. Add onto that having family to come and stay and you have a recipe for disaster. Nothing bad happened over Christmas and everyone seemed happy enough, but until this week the house still felt more like a holiday home than our actual home. Now normality has returned things have finally settled.

We also now have the lovely Lola as an addition to our family. She is a handful, but is working well with her training and responds well to the discipline regime I have introduced. Sadly she did come with  a lot of bad habits, but I am confident we will get past them all in the next few months and then we will be able to start training her as a hunting dog!

The downside of the new life here is that we are too far out of town for either cable or DSL, so have had to resort to satellite for our internet which comes with a download limit that means our surfing is now somewhat restricted and most definitely slower than I have known for a number of years. However, the surroundings more than make up for the lack of usable technology as I hope you can see from this photo of our road which I took the other day while out walking Lola.

I am loving the birds in the garden, and our neighbours although few and far between are all lovely people and very friendly. As the local Fire Chief lives on our road S and I have become the latest Volunteer Firefighter Recruits and will be starting our training this Tuesday. Obviously there will be more news on this as we progress with our training - thankfully we will not be eligible for call-out until we complete the training and become Level 1 Firefighters!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year
Here's hoping 2013 is a wonderful year for us all

Have a great day