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Hi and welcome to Sunnyside,, my blog about the life of my family now we have finally emigrated to the US from the UK.

What to tell you about me?
I'm Louise, Lou to my friends and I am Mum to 3 wonderful children, a 21 year old daughter, my beautiful A, who sadly did not make the move to the US with us. She is currently in her final year at Uni, and so now uses my parents as her base outside of term time.

Then there is my middle one, my 13 year old gorgeous G, the quiet thoughtful one, who gives 100% to everything he does.

Finally, there is the baby of the family, my 12 year old handsome H. He is my rebel without a cause who drives everyone insane with his laid back attitude. He has the face of an angel but he is all mischief underneath.

I have a wonderful S, my husband, who I met quite late in life, not that I consider myself to be old just yet - merely middle aged. I wish I had met much much earlier in life for he is the keeper of the key to my soul, and without him I would quite simply be lost.

Making the move to the US has not been easy nor has it been hard...it's a strange feeling really. I miss my family hugely, especially my daughter, but I accept that she is her own person and the last thing I would ever want is to try and push her into doing something she doesn't want to do. Not being able to work is the hardest thing, but hopefully by around April 2012, my green card will have finally arrived and I can get out there and find myself something to do. In the UK, I worked as an Early Years Practitioner, which in understandable English means that I worked in a private Day Nursery with pre-school aged children. I loved my work and I miss not being able to do it now - hopefully I will be able to go back to it without too much problem once I get my green card. Until then I guess I will just keep blogging about life and hopefully attract more followers rather than drive them all away.

Thanx again for stopping by

All the best

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  1. Dear Louise,

    Through Postcrossing I have come to know about your blog and visited today.

    Well narrated, well designed and nice layout.

    Keep it up!

    Regards to your husband and love to your kids.

    With Lots of LOVE from India,
    B. Varsha


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Lou :-)